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Midlife Makeover Podcast

May 24, 2018

Marcy & AJ welcome special guest, host and comedian, Justin Martindale! AJ explains how she skipped over improv classes and went straight to the main stage, and Justin offers advice and shares his story to helo motivate AJ to get back in action. Marcy suggests an all butch standup troupe and taking over the Long Beach comedy scene. Find us online! Follow @midlifemakeoverpodcast on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook! You can find Marcy @TheMarcyMinute & AJ @AskAJAnything.

Follow the fabulous Justin Martindale on Twitter @justmartindale and Instagram @justinmartindale. You can also catch him on E!’s Snapchat every Thursday on “What the Fashion” and keep an eye out for his upcoming show based on “Stand Up to the Streets” coming to E!!

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