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Midlife Makeover Podcast

Jul 5, 2018

Comedian & Writer Jodi Miller stopped in to share her wisdom (with perfect & hilarious timing) on how comedy was not ever her dream job, but when a door closes there is a window behind you! She is thriving as a writer, published author, coach and touring comedian. Jodi gives AJ helpful tips on how to network and encourages her that age is but a blessing in comedy. AJ tried to find excuses, but Jodi and Marcy aren't having it and want her to LEAN IN. AJ admits she's a sweepstakes junkie and is pleasantly surprised during the episode while checking her phone (no, she isn't a millennial but checks her phone like one) eye roll, big sigh. Jodi is fun, hilarious and has awesome wisdom for making it in LA and not finding your value in your resume. Find us online!

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